Saturday, 2 August 2008

How Will I

A little thought. As I begin to come out and people start to know me face to face how will this blog, other online contributions (like forum posts, social network pages) and most importantly, myself change?

It's inevitable that it will. For a start they will see the real me, although this is honest in what I talk about, for example I don't claim to pass (and I am still a little upset about it, but have come to accept the fact). I do not mention everything, sometimes its too mundane and tedious, would 'out' me, I don't have time, or at worst it is something I'm not proud of.

The cathartic posts about my feelings will have to stop.

I started this as a closeted girl nobody had met me, that will no longer be the case. I hopefully will have an outlet but I don't want to think about what it will lead to.

As for here I'm was tempted to blow it up and start again but I've decided not to. The title and url still seems apt to me.


  1. Dont blow it up. I like you blog as it is and you're right, we should all probably know better.
    I know how your feeling. Its scary to start emerging. I guess its a bit of loss of control.
    If my experience is anything to go by its definately worth it. As for passing. If I can anyone can.

  2. Thank You Jenny.

    Your words are greatly appreciated.
    I guess its one of many things that scare me. The blogs not going away, though some re-arranging, tidy-up may be in order.

  3. My first mistake when I started blogging was telling my sons and their spouses and my sister about it and giving them the URL. I still don't censor much, but there are times I would love to get some family things off my chest that I don't dare...

    My wife, the technophobe has no idea about my blog and if she were to find out, you would hear the explosion from there!

    I love the stream of conciousness feel of your blog; most of our lives are not anything so fantastic as what we would see on a movie screen which is exactly what makes you REAL!



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