Saturday 26 April 2008

Friday 25 April 2008

Back To The Dark Ages.

Spent a few days with my broadband connection down. Slowly catching up with my messages. All sorted out, it makes a tremendous relief not to have to rely on my mobile and dial-up connection to access and send my messages. I wonder how on earth I survived with a dial up connection back in the day.

Along with how much unnecessary bells and whistles are attached to sites. A lot of flash animation added not because it enhances the site but because they can and have been convinced by a web developer to pay for it. Its not all bad, much of it is great. But there's too much of a desire to be web 2.0 when you don't need to be.

Found my old floppy disc recently, I no longer have a floppy drive therefore I've no way of reading what's on it I suspect its my old collage essays.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Desperate PR 101.

Yawn yet another sex tape.

From the Sun (Link)

"BIG Brother D-lister Chanelle Hayes' 'sex tape' has been exposed as a bizarre publicity stunt.

Last week a saucy 40-second clip was leaked on the internet, which showed the attention-hungry beauty cavorting in lacy lingerie.

But now the full version of the video has been released, revealing the Posh lookalike was really in bed with a, er, puppet."

Some Pr thought well it worked for Abi Titmuss so why not try it again.

All these sex tapes are starting to get a little tiresome in my opinion.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Swearing at Children.

What does raise my hackles is swearing at infants.

Firstly I hope this doesn't come across as lecturing, as someone who is not a parent I can't speak from experience. I respect the fact that it can be stressful at times and tempers can be lost.

Now that I've added that caveat can I now say that it is wrong.

What prompted this was when I was at the Post Office, being Monday morning there was a long queue of people withdrawing their various benefits (there is a cash point nearby but it charges £1.50, and many like my nan prefer to withdraw their pension at the counter like they always have done).

As I left this mother came steaming out pushing her pram with speed and purpose, behind her was a young boy who if he'd ran as a fast as he could there still would have been no way his little legs could keep up with her. He wasn't misbehaving just dawdling along, lost in his own world. "COME ON!" she shouted, turning round "FUCKING MOVE".

I don't know why I was the one who felt embarrassed.

More recently there have been reports of junior football matches being abandoned because of violent and abusive parents and coaches aimed not just at some unfortunate match official but also the players includeing their own child.

Football at a young age should be about fun and with expanding waists keeping fit. Its not great when someone old enough to know better heaps abuse at you and you may not bother again. While some of the parents are probably also bemoaning the lack of quality and depth in the senior England team.

Monday 14 April 2008

The Tranny Apprentice.

I shouldn't rise to the bait while reading the Daily Meldrew (Style disasters of the Apprentices ... the Daily Mail).

The last thing people should be is lectured by Liz Jones on style and Jenny doesn't remotely look like a tranny. If that's the worst insult she can come up with.

Also how many people have over £300 to spend on a jacket? Not everyone is paid too much to spout crap.