Saturday, 22 June 2013

Two Minutes of Your Life

Happy birthday to me. And yes, I survived it. After that I've been busy, a clash of reports, exams, evaluations, and everything else. I don't mind the pressure provided it doesn't go beyond my limit and I can get a lie in on Saturday. I'm also an aunt again so it hasn't all been stress.

I'm sure you are wondering how we all survived without our name on a bottle of sweet brown liquid for so long. I've purposely avoided buying it because I would feel such a corporate tool, yet more than once I've seen someone pull out a bottle with their name on with a palpable self satisfiable sense of ta-da! Yes. Its my name on a bit of plastic round a plastic bottle.

It's that ghastly false personalisation much like being asked for my name when buying a coffee. All I want is a hot drink at a price I consider acceptable for what I'm about to receive, I don't want a meaningless non relationship with an anonymous corporation. It does seem a pointless thing to get riled about and you're perfectly right, a bit like complaining about the word cis or someone putting ed onto the end of transgender. My little winge has probably taken you less than a minute where as hundreds if not, thousands of words were spilt on those two subjects, taking many long minutes I wont get back.