Monday, 31 October 2016

Folding It Properly

Oh, it's you again.

Its the early evening and blimey its dark already. The general small talk seems to about the new fiver and "no I can't fold it properly, can you?" seems to be the most common reaction along with a generally bemused look.

While in London the other day, I had some free time and the weather ok I decided to walk about which included probably accidentally photo-bombing several people's poses in front of Westminster. I'm sure I couldn't have ruined more if I tried. Later on while walking though a park when I passed a group of tourists taking a great interest and a small amount of delight in watching a group of squirrels doing squirrelly things and being from the capital they also acted nonchalantly while avoiding all eye contact. If there is a point to this tale it's that things some folks see as ordinary and everyday, amaze others.

There's many climbing about and dangling precariously on the tree by our garden gate to grab the squirrelly goodies still about and wait until I'm underneath the tree to drop the unwanted parts on my, the postman's and other visitor's head. Thankfully that's all that's fallen on their/ my head, unlike a flock of birds (my ornithological knowledge doesn't go far) who flew past followed a second later by dozens of little splats and another second later by a few urghs as some unfortunate got hit I'm sure they didn't feel lucky and I haven't read about any lottery winners locally recently.

Personally October has been a whirl of year end rushing about and long days, meaning I haven't seen or read a lot recently and feeling like I need a lot more sleep. Couldn't find a song about squirrels so here's a great Shibuya-kei style song about cats.