Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Birthdays and Slacktivism

Taking a photo out of a misty bus window on a wet day, really doesn't do the scenery justice, sadly its the best I can do. I'm looking out the window and wondering what the heck to write about. Its already into June and past my birthday opening my inbox I was greeted with happy birthdays from forums I don't visit as much as I used to and brands I hadn't realised I gave out that much personal info to. As for me I spent time at a family gathering, which I spent more time with the children than the adults. There is one big event coming up but I was bored of that months ago. There's also the horrible and tragic Pulse nightclub shootings over which there's been many fine words said and stupid opinions uttered. It's also left many LGBT people saying they feel less safe which while understandable also saddens me. It's quite hard to know what to say other than to say I'll keep up the effort however little in my tiny slacktivist way.