Thursday, 9 May 2013

The One With A Cheese Roll

Hello, I'm back with a working broadband connection and if I were hiring a comedian for the PFA awards I might check their act before rather than faking outage after the event.

It has been pleasant weather, for a lot of people this has meant taking out the bike, or having a barbecue in fact I couldn't walk far without smelling one on the go. I don't get the idea behind ignoring a perfectly good cooker in favour of greatly increasing your chances of contracting food poisoning, smelling of smoke and annoying your neighbours in the process. Then again, being a vegitarian I'm usually the one with the cheese roll.

The imminent demise of Google Reader will annoy loyal users but it's not the end for RSS or their readers.
Google Reader is my second most used product after Gmail, it provides a feed for dozens of sites without having to open dozens of sites and follow good writers who don't follow a regular predictable editorial schedule.

I guess there's the desire to find the perfect algorithm which will serve up the articles you want but as someone whose tried these services it's some way off serving even slightly relevant results.