Thursday 30 April 2020

Dating Trans

As online dating is getting a boost at the moment, here is my brief guide to trans dating. According to a recent survey less than 18% of Americans would consider dating a trans or non-binary person. One reason why many trans eventually hook up with other trans people, the probability over time rises to 1 the longer you're looking for love. There's also still a stigma about trans attraction among cishet society due to the marginalisation and fetishisation of trans life. I'm totally against such shaming but I'm also against treating trans as a fetish and if there are any people reading this looking to date a trans person it's to leave anmy fetish at the door or in that special folder on your computer. Also don't use any language from that special folder it'll have me hitting the block button quicker than you can type s****** Its a big turn off. As are questions about tyransness like surgery's, how I put my thing away and so on. If you're curious ask Google not your date. My standards are not lower either. In short don't be a dick and , ultimately treat your date like any other person.