Sunday, 31 December 2017

End of Year

I was planning to write more (or at least a bit) between Christmas and new year but illness kicked in.

Elsewhere publications are compiling their best of list, usually a top ten or top 8 if you are trying far hard to be too hipsterish/ cool for school by reviewing comic books for Vice. I haven't read/ seen an extensive range of new releases to give a authoritative list though like always there's good, there's bad and one by one every shoegaze band from the 80's/90's will reform.

Monday, 25 December 2017

No More Sleeps

Have a great time, to those feeling lonely or isolated remember you never are, people are here to see you through.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Last Friday

The last Friday before Christmas apparently has been dubbed black / frantic/ mad/ black eye Friday (depending on which publications you look at) when the bars are packed with parties / post work meet ups and is more than a little busy for the emergency services. A quick news search reveals some sites declared last Friday black/ mad/ black eye Friday as well meaning they get to run the same piece twice so festive trebles all round!  Most years I tend to avoid such parties, being slightly introverted and sharing nothing with my colleagues other than a confined space for part of the week.

I also enjoy having to order without having to deploy my sharp elbows and having chairs and tables available surrounded by people I enjoy being round and can hear talking. In other words I'm going out during January-land.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Face Masks

Sales of facial beauty masks have been booming in recent years. Whether peel off or the more recent Asian inspired sheet masks, they can come with eye-watering prices but there are cheap alternatives or incredibly simple to make your own. The good thing about the latter is that its easy to adjust to your own needs and cut out what you're allergic to. Most of the recipes mention avocado, other fruits and cupboard staples so you've also got a delicious snack after you've ripped it off you're face.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


In a sign that Partridge wannabes have taken over television commissioning, Channel 5 screened a show entitled Britain's Favourite Biscuit and in a further sign that democracy doesn't work the winner was the chocolate digestive and people voted for Jaffa Cakes despite the name giving a clue as to why it should be disqualified. As any right thinking person knows (ie me) the correct top three is chocolate hobnobs, plain hobnobs and jammy dodgers, with honourable mentions for the chocolate finger, Club biscuit and party rings.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Underplayed Christmas Songs

So everyone's making their sleigh list and most will contain the same 30 - 40 songs, while nearly all are perfectly well crafted pieces of popular music (I'd suggest Merry Christmas (War is Over) is by a very wide margin not one of Lennon's best) hearing them several times a day makes them lose their lustre.

Some like Ann Charleston & Ian Smith's (AKA Madge and Harold Old Fashioned Christmas are not very good while Jim Davidson's cover of White Christmas will be exercised because of MASSIVE RACISM, (if you haven't heard it, yes he does the voice). Here's some alternatives I like.

Erasure.  She Wont Be Home

The Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling,

Mel & Kim – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
When it gets shown on TV these days there's a clunky edit, can you guess where?

 Frank Sidebottom - Oh Blimey it's Christmas

Friday, 15 December 2017


Been trying to think of something to write about but all that's in my head at the moment is Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly coincidently there was a documentary repeated on Radio 4 Extra  this week about earworms, what makes a earworm and the power on of such tunes on our psyche.

It was also school nativity time and my niece had nabbed a speaking part causing a small amount of pride from her parents, being a C of E school it was strictly traditional unlike the one I took part in where our teacher cast me as a spider (non speaking, of course).

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Snow Ho Ho

Snow doesn't fall that often where I live, by the time it finishes depositing on the nearby hills and downs there's none left, Sunday was different. For children it meant making use of the surrounding hills to go sledging, one or two had a properly designed sledge but everyone else used what they could find, in many cases this was the lid of a recycling bin but also involved anything else they could get their hands on as long as it could go down the hill at breakneck speeds. For others it involved complaining that the council should miraculously clear the roads with snow ploughs that wouldn't be used most years and only a day or two the years it does. We made a snowman, chucked snowballs and lost feeling in our toes that has only just returned.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Over and Over

This is Blart playing the same few mor songs over and over... and over.

I once had a summer factory job in the 90s which had its predecessor station on constantly and had a similarly tiny play-list which barely changed over the weeks. It's constant diet of Simply Red, Boyzone and U2 became torture by the end of it.

Monday, 11 December 2017

One Brussels Sprout

Brussels sprouts are much maligned and target for the easy joke and blamed for the outbreak of farting after the Christmas meal. The chemical that creates the gas is supposedly a deterrent to stop an assortment of pests from killing them. Although its sister veggies like cabbage and broccoli also have the same effect and they always escape blame.  There also blamed for the way they're cooked as if its still before the 90's and everything has to have the life boiled out of them, there are many ways to cook them, go on have a search, I'll wait.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Hate Mobs

Following up from the last post which mentioned bullying comes the sad but depressingly familiar tale of a online anti trans hate mob sparked by parts of the UK media acting as enablers for usual transphobic hate mob towards a young trans woman. What's even more depressing is the ferocity in this example which would test those with the best coping mechanisms let alone a teenager.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Anti Bullying Policies and the Church of England

You would think that releasing a document which essentially says "bullying is bad" at the start of anti-bullying week would be deeply uncontroversial and applauded by everyone.

How wrong would you be.

It brought out comments from those who would rather pick on a child than allow the merest hint of anything trans. In the past I have mentioned it is the wrong thing to do not just for trans children but for all children.

A young child doesn't see that baggage that comes with clothes, just something to dress up in. I think there's something instinctive when a child sees a pair of high heal shoes that they'll inevitably try them on and the correct response from any patent or minder would be to make sure they don't topple over when they're clip clopping about and the same applies to adults. The wrong thing to do would be as one commenter wrote to start shouting at them, they're at the wonderful stage where they're exploring and testing and will mostly go on to become cis gendered older kids without some hateful bigot intervening. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

So It Goes

It is the last month of 2017 and so time for another blogmas in which my publishing schedule ramps up and away from my usual occasional slapdash approach. 

Christmas decorations have finally been put up, lights have been untangled and tested. All the usual traditions. I've been given a poinsettia plant, given our reverse talent with such plants over the years the fact it isn't dead yet is remarkable.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Gift Sets

Visiting a charity shop I was struck by the amount of gift sets in the shop and this was just November. I'm presuming they've been given and put away the recipient having no interest lavender soaps, bath salts and other smellies until it eventually gets dumped off on a charity shops doorstep.

Saturday, 2 December 2017


If there ever is a ultimate life goal it's to find someone who will look at you the way my toddler nephew looks at someone in a Peppa Pig costume.

It's currently his favourite thing as it was one of my nieces until it became "babyish" though there's no way she's going to part with any of her many dvds or toys yet.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Blogmas 2017


Thanks Noddy. Yes it's that time of the year to spoil you with content galore from now till Christmas.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Trending Topic

As well as my position in the trannati I'm also in the group responsible for deciding what's fashionable, The Trending topics, formally the cool list. You have seen our past triumphs from persuading households to put up dado rails, to wear Global Hyper-colour tshirts, tattoo arse antlers onto their lower backs, covering up sexual assaults, among many more. Our current plan is to make lots of young people who have just got fed up playing Pokemon Go while twiddling their Fidget Spinner pretend to be trans by making it look so cool and make many others stop defining themselves as either gay or straight. Things were going so well until some commentators started noticing our work and calling us out for encouraging this fashion. Dammit. 

Of course I could be just making up my role in so many coming out as trans / non binary and/or bisexual/ pansexual etc. And they could really be (and hear me out on this) trans etc. 


That would be stupid.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spooky Dirty Secrets

Ah October, the month of changing your user name to some kind of spooky pun although some do it when it's still September, which is, just wrong. As is transgender people still having to justify their existence. (See what I did there). Detransitioning is one flank of attack, our dirty secret,  which I will bravely talk about despite the trans mafia, the trannati, of which we are all members (shhh, don't tell anyone it's our secret) threats not to.

The truth about this "secret " is that there is no secret, people do detransition though through societal pressures rather than anything else, and the numbers are non existent compared to those in need blocked by gatekeepers. And one person seemingly on a crusade available everywhere does not make a trend.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

News At Ten


Just over ten years ago, for some reason lost to the mists of time, I decided to type my thoughts into an online journal.

For better or worse it's still going and to my great surprise some people read it. Although I skirt around other things it is primarily trans / lgbtq subjects I post about,many changes have occurred in that time almost nobody in the media says "transgendered" and many trans, non binary and queer terms that have exploded alongside older terms like transvestite giving people more and better language to express themselves. Transphobic humour is also becoming less acceptable and regulators have began to intervene as the TV Burp example showed.

The Gender Recognition Act, was also a relatively new thing, while the hard won right to have ones sex officially changed was welcomed it was flawed at the time, more than a decade on it looks over complicated, over medicalised, expensive and unnecessary. The right to being recognised as ones true sex should not be dependant on being able to jump through a bureaucratic maze.

There is a lot more LGBTQ related materials out there including help, support and advice I am just a section of the queer bubble which has gotten bigger and has many fantastic artists, writers, etc, but it is still a queer bubble, outside there is still a lot of hatred and strong push back from the tiny advances made let alone those needed.

Enough about all that, there's personal reflections as well which I'll save for another time.

Happy tin anniversary to my blog!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Hot Stuff

Hot weather is a particular challenge for trans people whether the that be wigs, binders, padding or forms. Or, seeing far too many pictures of tell tale tan lines on arms. My normal outfit normally starts with a lot of industrial shape-wear to hold, tuck and pad even for a modest outfit. Though when the temperature creeps into the upper 20s it's time for a rethink and to realise that most people are going to be resembling a very sweaty Betty.

Monday, 31 July 2017

More Soon

Oops! Been neglecting this thing again, like an abandoned phone box.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Time + Inclination

So some kind of election thingy has been and gone. This blog has stayed out of the frey, but if it did I'd like like to think that it's single policy of flogging people who take the negative offer on The Chase would have been very successful.

Had the meeting of time plus inclination and tried out things I'd only seen or read, like makeup colours and concealers along with the odd outfit ranging from full on feminine to totally androgen.

So I'm feeling tired and the computer is inpatiently telling me to install these updates, probably a good time to pause and say till next time.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


The Chi sculpture, a maligned piece of "modern" art in Swindon town centre. It was paid for by a financial services firm and sculpted by Michael Warren in 1991. Intended as a focal point to enjoy lunch or sit down, with benches and trees surrounding it between the central Post Office and local offices. The idea of a focal point happened, just not the way they expected as the drunks found it an agreeable spot and the sculpture became a magnet for graffiti. Over time the post office was pulled down, benches disappeared and the sculpture cleaned up. So there it stands today mainly ignored by those heading to the bus station.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Decoraring and Girlishly Pink Sites

Back once again for the renegade master...

...With the ill behaviour, another year older *pulls party popper* but hardly wiser.

I've been doing some decorating and spring cleaning, currently wondering why I spent so long moving a bookcase to paint behind it as the bookcase immediately goes back and obscures any work. Then it gives a chance to find the things that fall behind like a box of liqueur chocolates long past their best before, a pay slip from a former job and a card from an old transgender group with a Geocities address (now gone along with so many girlishly pink trans sites and eye-watering early gif's), all coming together like a unintentional time capsule.

And don't forget vote No. 6.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

It's Been A Few Weeks

Well hello, you're looking great today, I like what you've done with that...thing... there. 

Happy easter, passover, vaisakhi if you've marked any of those and happy post easter reduced chocolate eggs day if you're celebrating that. For me it's catching up on sleep and family hence the brevity this time round. 

See you soon L.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Late Book

For whatever reason every school I've attended from pre-school to sixth form college has been demolished 6 buildings in all, none particularly great buildings and one I would have happily helped out for the fantastic sense of catharsis. Although I hope they preserved the late books, in some ways my greatest works of fiction as excuse the fact I couldn't be bothered to get up early enough to risk missing the second bell.

For no reason...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Selling On Women's Day

I'm sure you were aware that last Wednesday was international women's day, what was once a twitter date, tho one with serious intentions seems to have been cottoned onto by brands messages along the lines of "happy international women's day, why not celebrate it by covering up your wrinkles..." seems rather crass given the many protests. Its far from a hallmark holiday.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Overpriced Flowers Day

It's the middle of the month of February and youth know what that means, happy overpriced flowers day! It's also a bit of a continuous slap in the face for those looking or lonely. Not that I'll be buying any, instead I'll be tediously reminding folks that diamonds are the most common gem around and no matter how you try to market them as chocolate diamonds, brown diamonds look horrible.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Mental Notes

As I've mentioned in previous years I don't make new years resolutions although I have made a few mental notes. The usual things around health and wealth and to go out occasionally (at least more often than last year). I've given the blog a tidy after a long period of neglect, hopefully the dead links are gone and its mobile friendly.

I'm sure you came here for my hot take on this months transgender documentary, this one being a particularly controversial doozy of a film, but I haven't got round to seeing it yet. A bath and the end of Death In Paradise rather distracted me. Yes, seeing Kris Marshall wander round a Caribbean island solving a conventional whodunnit wins out for me over hearing what Dr Zucker thinks easily. I may watch it eventually but I'd probably have to be emotionally ready as well as having the time.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Hopefully Father Santa brought you something great.

May you be happy, confident and fierce!