Wednesday, 11 February 2015

There Should Be Some Bad Pun Involving Breasts Here

Image result for tom o'connorIt was 30 years ago BBC One were showing Miss United Kingdom presented by Tom O'Connor, soon afterwards the incoming controller Michael Grade dropped all beauty contests from the channel recognising the nation's tastes had changed and BBC television had to modernise with it. Today the nation's tastes have moved away from topless photographs of women compared to the days when beauty contests attracted big ratings on British TV and Page Three in The Sun became so wildly popular even The Daily Mirror briefly introduced its own version.

Long suffering readers of this blog may remember I wrote about the anti Page Three campaign a few years ago, and my opinion hasn't changed it seems only to remain out of stubbornness. Nor is it anti feminist to defend Page Three. Although some seek to dismiss opponents with valid points of topless photos by using words like feminazi I feel like giving up and changing my mind. There should be a special version of Godwins law which not only means your argument is lost but a hand comes out the screen and slaps you. I would like to call it Lucy's law, because I'm egotistical like that.