Tuesday 25 February 2014

Hair Up Here and Down There

Apparently the market for razors is shrinking in the UK and many other western countries. Many have switched in large numbers to cheaper disposable razors. Another reason blamed is the growth of men wearing beards, which if the trend continues, you'll be able to spot tranny's as they'll be the only ones who look like they've shaven recently.

One premium brand has been trying to emphasise it's value claiming it lasts 3 weeks, though I'm not letting a 3 week old razor near my face and at the price you could use a disposable every day and still be paying less, if not exactly being green.

A beard on me would never have looked good on me anyway though for many men it works and in my opinion, quite sexy.

 It comes after the trend for whipping off pubic hair reached mass proportions for women and men. And no I would never let a 3 week razor near there. Quickly washing away from a neatly trimmed strip or back a bit, which fooled no one into thinking it was longer, into taking it all off.

Maybe one day it'll swing back into fashion, perhaps it is already starting. Procter and Gamble's share price will soar thanks to a increase in disposable income and hipsters preening around with smooth faces, possibly with a thick mat of hair in their pants.

Thursday 6 February 2014


Ouch that hurt, I look up at the faces of my work colleagues and see the reason why. Freak accidents and a lurgy/ cold/ man flu that hung around for a fortnight, it hasn't been a bad start to the year (ignoring all "blue Monday" pseudoscience/ marketing-speak).

Ive been mixing periods of intense activity with moments of total boredom, I'm hoping that it will middle out into one long medium paced meh. One thing I am hoping for is to go out more often, last year was very quiet and that should change this year. I had a long overdue tidy of my make-up bag and cleaned my brushes, something I should do more often.

Anyway, for most of my readers I hope it's not too wet/ cold/ snowed under with emails mentioning Valentine's for you and enjoy February.