Monday, 24 September 2018

Students Starter Kit

As term starts and students start accruing debts they will spend the rest of their working lives trying to pay off Waitrose were being roundly mocked for putting out a very Waitrose type student starter kit containing such ingredients as Rose Harissa paste and after spending over a tenner you've nothing actually to eat. My own starter kit included a big bag of dry pasta, jar of coffee, pepper, tins of spaghetti and tomatoes, cheese and some frozen vegetables. That along with jacket potatoes (something so simple even I couldn't mess it up) along with far too many takeaways and Guinness' formed a large part of my student diet.

But apart from the diet or lack of, it is a great time to find yourself and come out, (like spending your bouillon money on a pair of tights) if that's what you want to do and please don't isolate yourself there are many great support network's and councillors, on and off campus.

Finally one essential piece of advice it is to not buy value bin bags, they will disintegrate as soon as you take it out the bin, let alone to the door and you really don't want to clear up what your flatmate put in the bin a few days ago believe me. Love your blogging mum.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Curly Hair Problems

..and more of my curly hair problems. Sadly living in an intemperate climate moisture of some kind will land on your head turning wiggly squiggly and not in the direction you prefer.

My top tips for those with curly hair are as follows;

  1. Shampoo and condition.
  2. Buy a good anti frizz cream.
  3. Find a hairdresser whose done a lot of curly heads, preferably specialises.
  4. Move to a dry climate.
Or spend several hours with your hair straighteners and cover your hair with a plastic bag.