Friday, 15 August 2008

Just Look Ahead Now.

Thank you for your responses, they are much appreciated. I'll try to respond to them within a day or two and I will write something longer soon.

I've just been busy, feeling incredibly tired and a bit crap, which for part of the week was matched by the weather a mixture of clouds, heavy rain and the wearing of coats that should normally still be packed away at this time of year. The emotional pain I felt was joined by a physical pain which necessitated a trip to dentist and some expensive follow up work to come.

That said I'm better than I was last week but then it couldn't have got much worse so the only way was up.

Hope you are fine wherever you are.


  1. That's a trip I've dreaded making since I had a "bad" experience in when I was 12 or so...I don't envy you!

    Rest and vitamins...none of us eat right in this world now...

    Take care, looking forward to reading you again!


  2. Nothing like a bit of tooth-ache to take the spring out of your step. I hope things a better now!


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