Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Glamorous Life.

It is not as if my life is interesting enough to write about in the first place. How I wish it was more interesting, a whirl of glitz and glamour. I do worry that this blog is not Sex In The City but more Ed Reardon's Week or Diary Of A Nobody.

Perhaps I should use this blog to encourage me to do interesting things. I am someone who could quite easily drift through my life, until one day I'm old and my carer is asking "do you want to be Lucy today?" And I'm thinking where did it all go?

I am not moaning to you about it, after all it is something I can control. But there is something scary about upping sticks and moving away from the familiar which is stopping me.


  1. well, your witterings are charming, are they not Lucy ?
    but yeah
    glitz and glamour...
    today I've gotta clean the bathroom & do some hoovering...not quite the same :( x

  2. Now, theres a thought I've had as well, the carer, the old folks home, "Who are you today, my dear?"...

    Frightening thought, truly frightening.

  3. Ack! The thought of a sex and the city life had me clawing at my jugular (damn clotting lol), ugh. I find that just simpy horrifing (yeah, yeah, I have no sense of taste, that shouldn't come as any surprise lol.) But the whole drifting thru life isn't all that great either, been there, done that, glad that phase is fading away more and more.


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