Friday, 29 August 2008


I am dreading the 2012 opening ceremony if its anything like the London spot during this years Olympic closing ceremony with the whole lame bus thing. Visions of Diana Ross missing a penulty again as a nation cringes in embarrisment at the sheer horror of it. Perhaps we should just pretend its another state funeral, we're quite good at them or hire Chaz and Dave to perform Rabbit.


  1. Women eh? They can't be expected to kick a football in heels. Never use a woman to do a tranny's job! :-P

    Jokes aside, I hope the 2012 ceremony goes very well.

    I suppose we run the risk of bursts of 'britishness' throughout? A nation distilled into what the world thinks of us:

    A fly-over of red, white and blue pigeons ("rats on wings") or Mary Poppins umbrella(ella...ella) dropzone from a giant Union Jack painted RAF Hercules. Perhaps a couple of 'drive-bys' or happy slappings. All this will go on as group of hoddies synchro-dance to a 140 BPM mash-up of 'Parklife'... with Chas & Dave.


  2. May your fears and Lynn's be the only ones you have to worry about!


  3. I've just rewatched Doctor Who. The crowd disappear and reappear then the doctor lights the torch. That sounds cool.


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