Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tabloid Hype, Transgendered Children

Five months ago I made a few notes in an earlier entry entitled Trans Children, about children who are on the transgendered spectrum or merely "dressing up" and the misunderstandings and bigotry that can exist. I noted the fact the treatment of children diagnosed with gender identity disorder was a comparatively new science and that I remained open on some of the ideas that were based on some evidence, however

"Pushing, forcing them to the assigned gender. doesn't cure them. It only teaches them to pretend and fake it, became a superb secret agent, hide it, fucks them up. It just creates self hate, loathing, lack of confidence, depression, drug abuse, suicides".

It is especially important not to single them out and sensationalise and treat as some oddity. Regrettably that is what appears to have happened. Perhaps the school could have handled the situation better. The media's attention has been worse.

The two children aged 12 and 9 respectively (or as The Sun would put it TWELVE and NINE!) returned to their respective schools with approval.

This story found its way to The Sun’s news desk who decided to run front page stories over consecutive days. Thankfully somebody seems to have intervened otherwise their privacy and rights would have been further intruded into. The story of the 9 year old had to be illustrated with the picture of a child model. As the Alfie Patten farrago demonstrated they tend not to give a stuff about such things especially when greedy adults are involved. In fact it’s hard to imagine the News International cheque book wasn’t waved toward the parties in return for their cooperation followed by not so subtle threats what would happen if they didn’t.

From a grotty rag which frequently prints bare faced lies, bugs telephones, prints up-skirt paparazzo and claims to stand and represent the working class while belittling, mocking them and advocating policies which would not help them. So what’s the incorrect use of the male pronoun or giving clues as to their location.

Its a sensationalist story designed to get people bothered in the morning with no mention of the serious and what must have agonising decision the parents and child faced .

Like sexuality, gender identity is frequently set at a young age while campaigns to tackle homophobia are gaining welcome recognition, similar efforts to raise awareness, help schools and deal with transphobia falling on deaf ears. Leaving only a few receiving care and treatment, like these two who I wish good luck given the mindless bigots and haters they face. One hopes that coverage and acceptance will improve.

 P.S.  After drafting this entry I have spotted others with their own perspective. Nicky, Jeni, Debbie, and Abi for starters.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Don't Forget To Vote

Hello. Missed me?

Thought not. :-p

But I hope you are all well. Even if your blog has disappeared, I've done a little tidy, checking blogs that have not appeared in my feed reader for a while and noticing a few no longer exist. So I have removed the dead links and will put some new (to me) and interesting (to me, again) live ones up to replace over time.

I also looked at what people are searching for when they find my blog. I suspect I may have disappointed some who came here hoping for answers to their search queries. So in an attempt to correct this here are the answers to some things you have searched for.

  • "how to impress a girl". I can only say some of the things that impress me, I would not dream of speaking for all womankind and that's humour, kindness, chocolates and a few Bacardi and cokes.
  • "bum curves". I'm afraid I wasn't at school the day that was covered in my maths class.
  • "transgender girl". Hello.
  • "womans boobs". I suspect you really don't need any help finding pictures of breasts online and your brief visit must have been a little disappointing.
On to the continuing reality show everyone's stopped paying attention to and is waiting for someone in the exec suite to cancel which is the life of Lucy (and by the way keep voting by calling our premium rate line). Last time we all saw her own fragile stability facing its own threats. Sometimes being her own worst enemy these can be from within and if one tiny element is ruined the whole fa├žade can breakdown horribly. Other times when it seems she getting on fine and normal the producers throw in something to liven it up (still time to vote by the way) and entertain you the viewer.

What happens next, you decide.