Monday, 22 July 2019

Why Do I Still Blog

Blogging is dead. Its been declared dead every year since 2003 and it was definitely dead when I first said hello four years later on this new site. It will be declared dead every year hence, except for 2025 when for a change it'll be moribund.

At the time there were competing attractions, why blog when you can post to that Facebook or send little blog posts to Twitter? The answer to that now is obvious both have become toxic and both kinda feed off the toxicity in the same way YouTube does trying to recommended me conspiracy videos about the New World Order endgame, or far right videos. There was Tumblr and that was great for trans users especially for non binary, gender fluid and f to m users which has withered even before the recent restrictions, again not targeting the problems (spammers, trolls) but a user sharing a picture of their stitches post top surgery. The obvious point is that what's it online will come and go but the personal webpage will always be there long after your MySpace page has been accidentally deleted and Tom has no more friends.

A blog can be haven, a walled garden to experiment as you will. I have spent more time on this site than anything else creatively, some stuff works better than others but it is all mine and my story. Its still also a way to connect with likeminded people, keep in touch with friends and make your voice heard. Yes if you want to build a personal brand or be an influencer then you probably need a Instagram account (I do but its very dormant) but that restrictions may come in which limit what you can post, if anything at all.

Anyway looking for something from 2007 to end on and looking at the best selling singles from that year, and remembering Mika was big in 2007 and then disappeared, much like the X Factor winner Leon Jackson who had one of the biggest selling singles of the year, as they did back then and whose third single peaked at 94 the following November. I could find a piece of media which frequently uses the word "transgendered" instead of transgender or one of many documentaries which jumps from make-up to old photo and back or a world where retrogressive (and strange, you're essentially announcing what genital's your baby has) gender reveal parties weren't as common.

Instead I chose this

Oh and I'm still a top 10 blog.

And here's to many more years.