Saturday, 16 June 2018

Birthday Bits

Anyway the footieball global cup has started, you may have heard something about it or the many ads which portray fans as "passionate" consumers of gassy larger, pizza and metre wide TV's.

So my birthday passed off uneventfully,  I've found a few more grey hairs though unlike many nearing their 40's my knees seem to still be working and I'm not sure how. I recently saw a marvellous range of medical technologies aimed at supporting the joints and extremities without the need for major invasive replacement surgery.

A headline claiming a trans prisoner was to receive a £20000 operation, I could have sworn those things were only costing the "taxpayer" £13000 a year ago, a more expensive surgeon? Or are they plucking these figures out of the air and adding a few thousand to keep the sensational headline.

I visited my niece who chose to watch Look Whose Talking Now over the 100's of other better films available on demand. For those who stopped after the sequel, they made one several years later where the children were old enough to talk for themselves so it's their pet dogs who were given voice overs, shenanigans ensue and John Travolta's English boss sexually harassing him seems to be the main plot. There's then a weird so-bad-its-good video over credits, with the main cast and the 90's brief phenomena toys come to life in which toys come to life.