Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Wardrobe Mistakes

On Saturdays I don't do much actual shopping. The crowds and long queue's are a bit of a turn off. So it's just browsing most of the time, my purchases are mainly during the week. Like the coat I bought for the cold nights to come.

I really need to pull out my entire wardrobe and decide what goes with which and then make a little list of what I need to add to my collection. I'm sure everybody makes mistakes, especially when you are building up your wardrobe. You tend to grab anything vaguely feminine despite the colour or pattern is hideous making you look like the Bindel-esc vision of what all trannies look like all the time.

That dress was long since placed in a Oxfam collection bin. All photographic records, I thought, were lost in the great computer meltdown of 2007. Almost as if my PC would rather give up than store any image of it. But then they turned up, stored online somewhere I had completely forgotten about, they show a different me. They show what I have done despite being so lazy constantly on the go and so busy I don't have the time. Also what can be done if I make further effort.

Nothing like looking a picture of you looking bad to cheer you up.

That's not to say it was all bad but I suspect that it was more luck than judgement.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Blue Peter

Long an outlet for smug goody goody kids to be smug on television Blue Peter is 50 years old. Its an excuse to play the elephant clip yet again and for those adults who haven't watched for years to wallow in nostalgia.

Plenty has been written about classic line-ups but the classic line-up is the one that was there when you were growing up (for me that's the late 80's, early 90's, making Tracy Island etc). I did also help with their appeals, probably helping to buy a brick of a Romanian orphanage for all my effort.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Night

Previously on my tranny blog, I stopped at the point I left the house. I had spent the days leading up to it pondering whether I was overdressed, there are times for jeans + t-shirts this wasn't one.

Thanks to an interruption and typically poor time keeping I was beyond being fashionably late. In the rush to leave I grabbed my camera but forgot to put any batteries in. I also forgot to bring any mirror, but that shouldn't matter, should it? Rushing along, the mist frizzing up my immaculately smoothed hair (if I had picked the wig I might have been even more hot and flustered than I was). Should be thankful that bar a bit of recession I can still make a choice.

Yes, getting there. Finally! Need to touch up my make up and swap walking for heeled shoes. Nobody about, nip into the ladies (one small step crossed off that list) but wheres the mirror? WHAT TOILET DOESN'T HAVE A FLIPPIN' MIRROR!


I know I'll take a picture to check... oh...ah! My phone, takes blurry snap, reapplies lippy, takes another snap to be sure I've painted my lips and not my chin or nose. Takes deep breath... "sorry I'm late...I'm Lucy..."

The night whizzed by and the rush helped in that there's no time to panic. Going home my fear dissipated with every passing car.

With all the bobbins trannies have to face its important to remember the good times. There are times when its not easy, my heart goes to you all.

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Longest Suicide Note In History

The more recent use of this phrase "the longest suicide note in history" was used to describe Windows Vista. In the UK it is more famous as Gerald Kaufman's description of the Labour party's 1983 election manifesto. The manifesto itself was based partly on the rather perverse assumption that the reason they lost in 1979 was that they were not socialist enough any polling would have told them this was not the case even among Labour supporters but for some even stranger reason they fired their pollster only to rehire him when it was too late.

Yes there are a few what were they thinking moments, some well meaning and there are a references that are of their time but a quick glance of The New Hope for Britain, shows that a lot has been implemented especially since 1997, strengthened (and in some areas new) equality legislation, equal rights for part time workers, fox hunting banned, introducing Ema's, freedom of information act, devolution, phase out TV licences for pensioners (well for the over 75's anyway), minimum wage....

There's also mention of greater government intervention in the market, including bank lending and taking a few into public ownership.
But that's clearly bonkers and will never happen.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Bring On The Wall!

The Hole in the Wall is a work of genius, the guy at the beeb who bought the rights deserves a pat on the back. Watching d list celebs sometimes in a silver jumpsuit which is on some is very unflattering (Vanessa?) being more often than not nudged into a pool of water is almost hypnotic. There's a part of me that says I really should be watching something better and yes I should.

*Mutters something something paved with good intentions*

It reminds me of a story of people who take out certain pretentious films on DVD only to post them back unwatched months later along with a much handled copies of Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Dude Where's My Car which they pretend was for the kids.

But that's just an aside to my brief tale of my night out which went swimmingly and I looked fine for my standards.

Lets go to the judges for the marks on my appearance.

Craig: Four *boo*

Arlene: Four *muted boo*

Len: Six *hurrah*

Bruno: Five

Somebody pokes Brucie to wake him up and the show continues.

19 (or as Paul Hardcastle would put it N-n-n-n-n-ighteen) out of 40 not bad I think, off I go.

Actually was all a bit rushed, which in a way helped as I didn't have time to worry, swapped my walking shoes for heals and then its showtime.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Been away a bit, simply haven't had the writing mojo and in some ways it would just rehash the same old rubbish.

The week started badly and got a little better. I won't go into too much detail I do not want this journal to turn into a Miserable Margret meets Suicidal Sid hybrid and for that to be seen as the only facet of my personality.But I did get away.

While away the Breville didn't make work for idle trannies and I got to try a few outfits, which covered a few styles and largely suited me. Apart from that its been a bit meh, at least the sci-fi double of the Sarah Jane Adventures and Heroes have begun. Now I know the SJA is CBBC but firstly I don't care, secondly I will watch anything Who related (even the first series of Torchwood, which lets admit was a bit crap in places) finally sonic lipstick! Sadly the very good looking dad has left, boo.

Got to sort out a few things, mainly get in touch with my gp and dentist.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tranny Cleaning

I am still here, yes I amaze myself at times. I had one of those nights which happen with worrying frequency recently. The dark thoughts happen too often Its not even funny any more, I want it to stop. It probably is no coincidence that my spell check suggests tyranny when I type tranny.

Looks like you're writing yet another post on your gender disphoria. Need some help?


Are you sure? Yes / No.

Yes I am. Leave me alone.

On the positive side I have a new toy, a bagless vacuum, which has incredible suction and it also has the feature which was popularised by Mr Dyson's version of the clear plastic panel so you can see the dust. The downside with most domestic vacuums are that the lead tends to be too short the hoover has to be unplugged as you go from room to room or you need an extension cord.

Another tip cheap polish is just as good as the more expensive brands, so save your money and buy own brand polish, even some economy brands instead.

More tranny cleaning tips someday.