Sunday, 22 June 2014

Bad Id

Its summer, I'm fighting a serious jaffa cake addiction and my mind is full of visions of football players turning and folding their arms, some looking tough, others sweet and a surprising number failing to do that simple task with any style. Much like failing to make the pose on my numerous Id cards look vaguely like me. My poses range from the truck is about to hit me look, I've been out all night mugshot look and I've just been placed in a makeshift photo booth with no time to brush my hair, check I'm not too shiny or complain the lighting or lack of really does you no favors. Pull the wrong pose and you're stuck with it. Often literally a millstone round your neck with a work Id.

At least the tomato plants are still alive.

Because I'm not not much of a gardener this is a great success I put down to benign neglect apart from remembering to chuck a bit of water at it during this dry spell. Who knows I might see a tiny piece of fruit someday.