Saturday, 24 January 2009

Caps Lock Madness

I have previously refered to the world of the conspiracy thoerist and espoused my belief that most thoeries are lacking any evidence that would survive any credible examination. Since then economies and financial institutions have gone belly up leading to the reserection of one of the oldest conspiracies, namely the accusation that there is a jewish banking cartel, by the usual bunch of anto-semites and neo-nazi's spouting the usual crap AND THEY ALL TYPE LARGE CHUNKS OF THEIR RANTS WITH CAPS LOCK ON as if that lends credibility while in no way making them seem even more insaine.

Here's another exhibit on a different topic from the entertaining spEak You’re bRanes site.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


There's a great mock-ad in this months Viz.

"Come visit Januaryland, the most depressing month of the year, all year round!... See it get dark at half past three... our computerised climate control has it dull, overcast and a bit cold all day long... (Closed Dec 31 to Feb 1)". 

The warning signs that things were about to be a bit bobbins when I watched a disappointing episode of Jonathan Creek on New Years Day. Later on there's the colds, coughs and chills to contend with. The prospect of mass unemployment and payments to HM Revenue and Customs coming up.

Perhaps I have a serious case of the winter blues, I have slept an enormous amount and if I could the rest of the month would be spent in bed. One night, though, I did feel better walking home with the thought that I like myself more when I'm this and not being a boy, which is a sad, almost pathetically small pleasure which encourages me to keep on going.

A year ago around this time a wonderful but sadly tormented woman who took her own life . I still wonder if there was something I could have done even if rationally the odds of being successful were long. I feel so sorry for her family at this time their sense of loss being far greater than mine especially at this time. My thoughts are with them. May she continue to rest in piece.

Postscript. I am so sorry for being compleatly and utterly downbeat.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Battle Of Who Could Care Less

You join me here as the war between factions continues, inflicting numerous casualties along the way while the rest of the world looks on at the sheer pointlessness of it all.

Yes I am talking about the transgender wars. Now into another year of who knows how many years of upset, hurt feelings and loudly flouncing out of chartrooms, the battle continues as it has done every day except for one Christmas day where the sides met in no gender specific land and played slightly pointless games like word association before resuming the next day.

Currently a group of transvestites are employing their shock troops with their visible stocking tops to go over the top (for which they need no encouragement) unfortunately their 5 inch heals are stuck in the mud and are soon beaten by a set of transexuals in jeans, t-shirts and sensible shoes using their overwhelming sence of superiority. All seems lost until the tv's special agent behind enemy lines a Tracey Roll, starts a debate about stealth and all hell breaks loose.

Can the transvestites advance and claim victory? Or will they have to return to bob mode before then? Stay tuned.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

For those new or relatively recent to the blog, hello I'm Lucy. This blog will probably continue to follow the formula I have used previously, a journal of my life along with witterings on subjects that take my interest. I could separate the two but I'd have difficulty running two blogs.

So this is my first post of the year, (151st overall) a chance for a new start. My writeing performance flagged a bit towards the end of the year and a few threads have been left hanging and not followed up. Thank you for your comments though, they have all been read with interest and I will get round to writeing little notes eventually.

My depression comes and goes along with my gd like many others, thankfully it has not been too disableing recently and the dark thoughts have stayed away. If there is one thing I really should have learnt from last year it is that depression needs to be addressed. I am at the begining of a long path (I've stopped useing the word 'jouney' because of its overuse in programes like Strictly Come Factor, X Danceing, Masterchef and other reality shows) its not a straight A to B and will probably have many up's and down's before the final chapter. Thankfully I am blessed to have people prepared to take time from their own lives who have helped me.

I did say I would write a second part on the law of privacy, again I will scribble it down but with a potentually important case being brought by everyone's favourite footballer Ashley Cole regarding embarrissing revelations about his night with a hairdresser. I probably delay comment until the court has had its say and adjust my comments in light of.

One post from the end of October about my wardrobe mistakes deserves a little update. I did eventually delve through my clothes organiseing and removing some horrors. The space created has been filled by my purchaces over christmas. I think its time to create some more space. Hopefully I am more selective without having to rely on mere luck.