Saturday, 26 September 2015

Gummy Bears

Hello, its certainly feeling autumnal, I'm currently still ignoring the message on the corner of my screen to get Windows 10, but bless them for thinking Cortana is a selling point. The tomato plant produced a half decent crop despite being left outside to face the worst the west country summer could throw at it. I may get overconfident next year and grow strawberries. Also I've found gelatin free gummy bears, so its all great here.

I haven’t had the opportunity to go out much recently and when it has arisen I’ve been far too tired and run down to do anything about it. So the nearest there’s been these past two months is going though my wardrobe seeing what styles work on me and checking it still fits. I’ve also weeded a few items into my everyday wardrobe which as well as giving me extra choice, helps ease dysphoria.