Sunday, 11 January 2015

Resolutions Without Snappy Titles

As I've previously noted January is a rotten time to make resolutions. In this north Atlantic island it still is dark and gloomy for the majority of the day instead of people taking a dry January, presumably after feeling guilty about the previous month how about a sensible amount, possibly within recommended alcohol intake guidelines December and January. Though I'd probably have to slim it down to a catchy two words. The same goes for getting fit. My resolutions are continuations of resolutions I made last year.
  • Don't make any resolutions in January.
  • Don't feed trolls especially responding to anything Katie Hopkins says (I wish the local paper would do the same).
  • Only share or retweet when you've watched or read the thing. I frequently come across many who I  suspect don't.
  • Celebrate sensible amount, possibly within recommended alcohol intake guidelines December and January. (still haven't come up with a snappier title).
  • Stick to pay as you go gym facilities as you're never going to use a membership often enough for it to be cost effective and then there's the pain of having to cancel the contract.

Monday, 5 January 2015


Over the Christmas holidays came the sad news of the death of the Rev. Carol Stone, around the turn of the millennium she attracted local and then national attention for being the first vicar to transition and then return to the job. The Swindon Advertiser at the time carried a few quotes critical from a conservative Anglican group but those within the parish were almost all supportive of someone who had only been posted there only a few years earlier. Certainly being within the area I can recall the gossip but also the support and an circling of the wagons to protect her from all the media interest. Over the years apart from marrying and christening my relatives, she added a neighboring parish and became a respected figure across the town. It is a tragic and all too early loss to community life across Swindon and especially to her family.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Time to get the 2015 segment in the right hand column up and running, not to mention start to my efforts to post more than I did last year.

A happy new year to all my readers.

Now where are those hoverboards?