Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Frequently when the recommendations of brokers or share tipsters are analysed the picks of a five year old or a bonobo chimpanzee often do just as well or even better, so I wonder why I'm assumed to have the correct answer as to whether one should take part in a rights issue or buy those shares.

I understand P/E ratios and so on but its not my area, its like asking criminal lawyer about house conveyancing. So I make some bland comments ripped from the money section about using up your ISA allowance, diversify and ability to withstand risk. I'm not a genius when it comes to investing anyway.

While mentioning Bonobo's they seen to be a fantastic species unlike other chimps instead of having fights they have sex instead.

Bonobo 1. "Wow food!"
Bonobo 2. "Fight you for it."
Bonobo 1. "Nah, lets have sex instead."
Bonobo 2. "Ok."

This intercourse can be between the sexes or same sex genital rubbing. Its also unusual in that its female centric. Do humans need to learn something?

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  1. We humans always seem to be in need of learning something; usually it can be summed up in allowing ourselves and others to be human!



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