Sunday, 26 August 2018

Top 10

Hello again, time to stare at that blank screen and put something down. I'm apparently a top 10 LGBT blog and its all thanks to me (and especially all those very good writers who have either deleted their blog or not posted for several years).

More than once I've had a thought and made a mental note to mention it, only my mental filing system is jumbled with lots of little screwed up pieces of paper that are now totally unreadable. I did see Barry Humphries has doubled down on his transgender rants which he first made in 2016, blaming primary school teachers. I'd have thought the teaching profession was too busy with other things than to be turning children trans. Its all too similar to the 1980s when evil teachers and librarians showing children lesbian and gay books turned those young innocent minds homosexual. He was, and presumably still is a smart man and you'd hope he's talk to someone other than Germaine Greer on trans issues or even better meet some primary school teachers.

One media outlet has noticed celebrities wearing skorts more often them more. Being the kind of place that has used chopeing angle paparazzi photos do they really have to ask why.