Sunday, 11 May 2014

Social Media Envy

I was reading about a thing called social media envy, not the one coming from Google headquarters seeing millions of people willingly sign up for a social network without having to opted in. This is where one gets depressed after reading all the fun and glamorous things other people are posting as opposed your own life.

If anything I'm the antidote to social media envy so sit back and start to feel better about yourself.

There is a serious point about not benchmarking yourself against other people online especially  other trans people from the one who is trannies than thou, the one who has come from nowhere to walking through the center of calne in a micro skirt via various nights all in the space of seven days. And the flawless transitioner. The point is everyones situation is different and some don't display their doubts and flaws, you can get there and anyway the scenic route is prettier and you'll see some guy throwing out their micro skirt on their way to their next scene.

As for that sexy cool party, it's raining, you'd have to wait for a taxi home, there's a good film on tv and there's still a bit of Bailey's on the fridge.