Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Have not had a great deal of time to add more to my blog or to stick to my promises to reply. I could have added something via my mobile but my data charges are probably too high as it is. Despite great noises being made about mobile sites it is best for accessing travel news and timetables, weather and reading email, not for writing long blog posts which I'd try to email in.

My recent posts have contained more heartache than a country ballad (I cant remember any songs about trannies, but you get the point). It probably has been seen before all this tranny angst. Although unique to me it seems quite similar.

Just been thinking things through, excerpt from that conversation replay. The question do you want to be a woman? I've given thought to the answer and its yes. The problem is that I never will be able to replicate the full experience of being a woman, there's just so many rights of passage I've missed. Time and testosterone have seen to that and its so depressing if I give it too much thought.

I have thought about many things. What once seemed impossible for me is beginning to seem possible.

I could carry on complaining but I am looking for solutions for the question of how do you solve a problem like Lucy?


  1. Just like Maria solved hers- one step at a time...

    And for my vote, Lucy isn't a problem, she's one more of those many people in this world who have never had a chance to be themself!

    May your heartache somehow end with happiness!


  2. Dear Lucy
    You are not alone my friend.
    Alan is right. Lucy is not your problem.
    Do what is right for you & only if you need to.
    Only you can decide that when & if you are ready.
    Being true to your heart is not easy & carries a cost but the rewards can be spiritually so uplifting.


  3. Heartache? Perhaps, but then it takes a while for people to find who they are. Hell, a number of my non-TG friends are still on their own personal quests to find where they fit in the 'grant scheme of things'. There's no rush. :-)

    Alan's comment of one step at a time seems to make perfect sense. You go as far as you want to.

  4. Maybe missing out on the 'growing up girl' stuff is sad, but the responce to that is that the longer ya avoid things, the more of those missed experiences slide by. I know it sucks, hell, I missed a ton of human experiences due to my demoness nature and the zen alchemy research and studies I was 'forced' into before I even started school (I seriously was that young.) I may lament the lost times but that is also why I try to draw as much enjoyment out of life as I can nowdays. You know what ya need to do but until you can wrap your mind totally around the whole perspective (even I'm still working on mine lol) it's gonna feel stressful and conflicting. The good news is that being a girl never ever goes away (or was that the bad news? I guess that depends on which path ya decide to go down and how soon ya start walking lol.) Ya are always welcome to email me and rant and bitch or just ramble or ask my opinions on whatever (I love giving my opinion, seriously I really do, hee hee.) Hopefully you will discover an expedient solution to your worries. Hugs XXXX.


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