Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Whadda You Mean You've Never Heard Of My Blog!

A year ago today a girl called Lucy founded a blog. There were already millions of blogs, most of them, it felt like, written by trannies.

I don't know what you've taken from my blog (if anything) but I hope you've found my witterings enjoyable. And there are some things that you've taken from here, perhaps some of the following.

  1. Don't be a twat.
  2. Self-service checkouts are EVIL.
  3. I'm a little messed up.
  4. My make up skills leave a little to be desired.
  5. Have fun.
  6. I frequently mishpell worms. (As opposed to those who have problems with pismronunciation)
  7. I can't sing.
  8. Tendency to have a Kermodian style rant. (Though it's never going to be as entertaining as the good doctor's).
  9. I know which one's Daphne and which one's Celeste out of the millennial pop duo. And I can make many more dated pop references like that.
  10. My grammar is sometimes all over the place (the product of an eighties / nineties state education).

I have enjoyed having the outlet, sorry some have been crap, lacked a decent argument or no conclusion. Other times I get sidetracked into talking about something else altogether.

Did I mention have fun? Can't be repeated often enough.


  1. Well I've only just discovered your blog (as may be evident from the recentness of the few comments I've posted thus far), but I've been impressed with what I've read so far, and plan to make many return visits as a consequence. I couldn't agree more with your injunction to have fun - that's exactly what I've been doing this evening (it's about 1 AM in my corner of the globe as I write this). Went to see one of my heavy metal idols from way back (a group from Sweden called Dismember, who're touring here right now); got utterly shit-faced; moshed, headbanged and generally acted like an idiot; bought all sorts of useless crap after the show: not bad for someone who'll be 35 in just over a month! Good stuff!

  2. OMG! You have fun doing this? Wow, my blog feels like a second unpaid job where I'm chained to my desk and the beatings won't stop until morale improves. Ack! LOL. Nah, it is a lot of fun and I always enjoy it, sometimes a bit too much as my lack of significant and important and valuable posts tend to show. I'm glad ya have enjoyed writing this blog and hope you continue to for a long time just because my selfish desires enjoy reading it too. Hugs XXXX

  3. Thanks, glad you are enjoying it and having some fun.


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