Friday, 18 July 2008

Over-used Songs..

A note to people in television, there are more than three songs in the world.

For the emotional montage at the end will you stop playing either Chasing Cars (stop playing Snow Patrol, full stop) or HoppĂ­polla and can you stop playing Clubbed To Death as well for every sporty or pacey montage.

There's a whole world of music out there. There's no excuse even if you're time and budget pressed, it's just laziness and a bit thoughtless.

(Alright there are more than 3 records, but there is a small list of tracks that are always used as background music).


  1. Ack! I don't know any of those songs at all. Maybe I watch too much anime, when it's all sang in Japanese who really knows what the song is or if it's not a slight variation of several other anime theme songs. Hmmmm. Learn Japanese is now #3759 on my list of stuff to do.

  2. Though I'm with Liz and don't know those songs at all (the age of the ones I do know would shock you and your grandparents), I would think it might have to do more with this age of "beancounters" and "the bottom-line is everything" and they already paid royalties for those three, so the accounting department won't let them pay for any more!

    Ratings are everything, but don't spend anything to get them...we wonder why we get the news we pay for!

    Sorry to pop up like this; I've lurked a time or two having seen your comments elsewhere, but didn't have anything intelligent to say the other times; I hope you don't mind my following you "home"!


  3. It was a little venting. I have put in youtube links to two of them, the ones I like that is. It's just there are thousands of great songs that are just as suitable some from small bands that could do with the exposure.

    Alan - Hello! Thanks for dropping in, of course I don't mind. You are probably right there may be a bottom line consideration and these songs are easier to clear for use and cheaper to play.

    Liz - I went through a phase of watching a lot of anime, though I havent seen much recently, so I'm not an authority but I don't think one song was overplayed.


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