Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Things Will Be Fine If You Don't Drink The Wine.

Humans tend to do very silly things when drunk and often come to regret their actions soon after. That text message or email you shouldn't have sent, the words you uttered and that song you shouldn't have sung.

I'm not a large consumer of alcohol, it tends to be infrequent and as such tend to get tipsy easily.

However I don't know which number glass it will be I can go from feeling fine to a little tiddled in the space of a few short mouthful's. I wish I could pin point that exact moment.

So far the daftest thing I've done is apply for a credit card, not sure how.

I wonder how many tranny's out themselves when diddled.


  1. Maybe you should only drink with people who can't hold their beer.... will they remember? :)

  2. "So far the daftest thing I've done is apply for a credit card" - I think that's possibly the strangest thing I've heard someone say they did when drunk so far, hehe.

  3. Lynn - Good idea, though there's almost always someone whose driving.

    Anon - Its a long story.


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