Monday, 7 July 2008

London Transport Bombings Three Years On.

The London transport bombings three years ago today, claimed the lives of 52, disabled, injured and scarred many more in this most global of cities, where racial harmony, while not perfect does work pretty well. Annie Mole's very good London Underground blog has posted some thoughts about the events that day and the subsequent aftermath. I like many not immediately caught up in the unfolding tragedy, felt the full range of emotions course through me as the scale of what happened emerged. Today it's just sadness for lives lost and devastated.

The events were a terrorist outrage there's overwhelming evidence to support the fact though it hasn't deterred many from thinking otherwise. When somebody tries to debunk or rubbish a conspiracy theory, those who "believe" instantly claim your brainwashed or a part of the wider conspiracy. Why do people look for a complicated shadowy answer when the simplest explanation is often the one with the most evidence? It is something me and my giant lizard overlords have long pondered.

Perhaps the more troubling aspects for me are those who take accounts of what happened to them selectively and out context to illustrate a theory, or those use it to make a point about secularism allowing it happen. While you can spend many entertaining hours looking at such pages they should all be taken with massive pinches of salt.

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  1. I agree with your point about the absurdity of conspiracy theories. In a similar vein, I think that a lot of so-called "unsolved mysteries" remain so simply because a suitably determined bunch of idiots refuse to accept the prosaic, rational explanations that have been offered for them, and do their best to infect everyone else with their ignorance.


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