Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Greatest Final Ever.

I am not a big watcher of sport on television, in fact I watch almost none. There are some exceptions. There are some exceptions. Firstly at the risk of ripping off the old Ben Elton stand-up routine, there is something powerful about a mute television, which means you have to watch it no matter what's on. The number of times I have felt my eyes drawn to the television set when I'm in a pub, silently playing an Aussie-Rules Football game not having a clue what's going on other than it features plenty of rough, tough antipodean men in tight shorts kicking a ball about.

Half the readers drift off thinking about rough, tough antipodean men in tight shorts kicking a ball about.

Lucy joins them.

Secondly there's the addictive nature of the world darts, which the BBC shows for a week around the new year. I think it's the showmanship aspects (the over-the-top entrances, the ONE-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY), the bling-tastic Bobby George and the thought that someone not in the top physical condition could be called a sporting world champion, that appeal to me.

The third has to be Wimbledon. The ability to come home and watch tennis for a few minutes each night is fantastic. With the retractable roof being installed over Centre Court watching some live play is guaranteed, however it would prevent fine events like last Sundays men's singles final. I'm not the best qualified to say if its the best ever, but there was some bloody good tennis and the final swung one way, then the other. The crowd from the sound of it, seemed to agree with me. With the possible exception of Gwen Stefani who looked thoroughly bored everytime the camera went to her (which was far too often). The women's final wasn't bad either, hopefully the seedings next year will better reflect who are the best women on grass rather than rigidly following the rankings.


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of casual sports watching. I actually look up the cubs baseball game on my cell during breaks at work for one of my friends and play the part of 'sportscaster' for the guys. I have no interest in the game (and they know it) but I do have fun calling out the details as they happen.

  2. I am a big sports watcher, but then I'm big whatever I'm doing. In all honesty if apint drying was an olympic sport I would probably watch.
    The final was just some of the best drama on telly for ages.

  3. I'll probably watch the olympics (it'll be hard to avoid anyway). And will find something like rowing or weightlifting or rhythmic gymnastics (now thats a sport)I'm glued to.

    I listen to a lot more via radio five live, so I'm not fully out of the loop, even if I have no idea what they are on about when they mention positions. So if I was 'casting a baseball game it would be guy picks up ball throws it to someone else...:)


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