Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wind Farm Frolics

A sort of filler post not that i don't have things to write about just that I have deadlines to meet which prevent me consolidating my thoughts or catching up with non business things. My family claims once I'm fully occupied I'll stop my little "habit", there's no evidence to that so far.

I did take a little time to visit my mum and took part in a little quiz at a local bar for which we came second behind the people who takes these things way too seriously (at the risk of sounding like a bad loser).

On the way back I saw the small wind farm that has just been erected just out of town which to me looks a great new local landmark but given the protests about similar projects around the country I am probably alone in that opinion.

Take care, back soon. X


  1. ...once I'm fully occupied...The famous "oh, it's just a phase.." line? Yeah, right :)

    The windfarm sounds quite nice. There's something rather beautiful about the swirling, whirling blades on a windy day.

  2. I like wind farms too. We are a minority though. Or maybe the nay-sayers are the vocal minority, and we're a silent majority?

    Who knows?

    And on that subject: http://xkcd.com/556/

  3. Hey Lucy, I like wind farms. Heck, I like wind! Just don't break any around me! (If that last sentence doesn't make sense, try the Urban Dictionary.)

    Just a "filler comment" to go with your "filler post".

    Nice pix!

  4. Why is it than when someone mentions wind farms, I now see 'Windy Miller' in my head? :)

    "What's that Windy?"

    [Windy nods]

    "You're generating power from the elements with a low carbon footprint? The mayor of Trumpton will be very pleased!"


  5. Remember to take a minute for you every now and again while you're "caught up in the whirl"!

    Thinking of you...


  6. Liz, the shinigami half-demonessFriday, 1 May 2009 at 07:13:00 BST

    As much as I dislike the wind (hmmm, do I actually like anything?) I am glad to see it being put to slavish use and finally pulling it's weight by helping out with the electric bills.

  7. "My family claims once I'm fully occupied I'll stop my little "habit"."

    Been there, heard that.

    Tried it, too.

    Yeah. it might work... You can maybe fight it for 20 years by keeping so mind-meltingly busy that you almost wreck yourself both mentally and physically.

    And then when you are forced to recover and relax, it creeps up behind you and whacks you over the bonce just when you think you've got it all controlled.

    "Just a phase".

    My old dear used to think that when she caught me dressing up when I was a little kid.

    She was still thinking it 12 years after that, and STILL thinking it when I was in my late-twenties and she "mistakenly" opened a suitcase of mine when I was staying with them for a couple of nights for my sister's wedding.

    She thinks it's all long behind me now. Not looking forward to breaking her the news.... Hey!, guess what? That "phase" you used to talk about.... :(



  8. PS. Windfarms. We have a few here in the mountains. The design is very elegant, and they are far enough from houses to ensure that any noise is not intrusive.

    I think they look very beautiful, but it would be hard to say I'd feel the same if there were, say, twice as many in each location.



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