Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Net Loss

There is a lot to be said in favour of net curtains, unfortunately they seem to have fallen out such favour. Yesterday I took a walk via the supermarket that took me though a post war council estate and a new estate near me built in the identikit mock Georgian style that every house builder has adopted. What I noticed was in the new estate having nets was the rare exception whereas the "council estate" (a brief online check of home sales suggests few if any are social accommodation these days) homes mostly had nets up. They also with the odd exception looked nice and white. There probably is an age and class (however you define it these days) explanation in the difference along with the passing of fashions. It has been seen as something a bit naff or twee.

Being never knowingly trendy and having spent ages cleaning one of the alternatives (blinds) over the weekend, I feel there are great advantages of having a net curtain. Firstly people like myself wont wonder past you slouched out eating your tea while watching Eastenders. Secondly you can see the salesman or other unwelcome visitors (hello) approach allowing enough time to take evasive action. There seems to be plenty of guys knocking at my door trying to get me signing with that energy firm or the other, however whenever I check their prices online there seems no more than £10 between them, not really worth the hassle. Thirdly you can peak on the neighbours, don't pretend you don't want to yes you do its human nature. Fourthly you can mime along to Baby One More Time with the sunlight beaming in without scarring the neighbours. OK that's probably just me (I Still don't think they have fully recovered by the way).

There are many more but overall your nan was right you need net curtains so do I.


  1. Lucy, you are spot-on. They are a boon for those desiring a bit of privacy.

    Our bungalow was designed for panoramic views over the Snowdonian mountains and hills around here.

    The windows are huge, but the result in a complete lack of privacy that I in particular find more than annoying.

    The layout of our bungalow means that anyone in the close outside, or in the back field, can pretty much see right through the house, and the only area that has a degree of privacy is the bathroom.

    That makes things a bit difficult for me. E and I discussed net curtains. I won the argument, but they do not come cheap for such large windows, and need some work to make-up and fit. We've still not got round to it. ;(


  2. I live in a ground floor flat. If it were not for net curtains, I would have no privacy at all!

  3. Here, having worked nights for so many years, it's room darkening shades and lined drapes...not asthetic, but it keeps it cool and dark!

    My wife used to liken the house to a cave...


  4. Chrissie, I hope you can get some privacy away from prying eyes.
    Pandora, I'm always surprised there's so few nets on ground floor flats.
    Alan, My dad used to work nights so I well remember the cavernous atmosphere there.


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