Thursday, 2 April 2009

She-Ra Princess of Power

I preferred She-Ra to He-Man (ugh he's just a beefcake narcissist) and watching this clip many years on it was fairly apparent why. I mean those boots are gorgeous and the whole transformation sequence wins over the poor animation (then most of the animation on children's tv was like that). I remember wanting to transform into a girl just like that when the dust settled there I would be.

Just a break from the serious stuff.


  1. Wow, something from the vaults eh? :-) By spooky coincidence, I stumbled on a Skeletor + Evil Lyn sing Dead Ringer for Love on YouTube. Rather well done :-)

    I think the studio was Filmation? I could be wrong, it's been a while and I think they did a BatMan cartoon too. Both had stock sequences - like She-Ra's transformation or the running scenes that all characters have - that they'd use to keep drawing down.

    It's odd looking at those old cartoon again. The level of animation - and colouring - well, it's something we see in Flash these days. :-)

    I'm also surprised at the rise in the quality of animation we see on TV nowadays. I mean in the later shows of Scooby Doo (etc), there's so much more movement in the characters than before. The rise of computers and cheap foriegn labour I suppose :-)

  2. Is it just me or did it look like something indecent was happening when the guy jumped on the back of the cat? I guess we missed the part where they had gone out for drinks while the show focused on She-Ra.

  3. @Lynn It was Filmation, I loved it but it does look cheap but it had charm despite the fact they were just promotional tools to sell action figures.

    @Liz *re-watches* lol


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