Friday, 3 April 2009

Linky Goodness

If you only read this site through a rss feed reader (through the Opera browser, Google Reader, etc) Then you may have missed the links I post on the side via my Delicious account. So here's the filleted highlights from the recent past (apologies if you have already seen them).

Firstly there's a rather nice and touching eight and a half minute film (available through this page) from the East Midlands edition of the BBC's Inside Out in which Debbie Davis talks about her past as a transsexual through to today.

Secondly there's the campaign (as reported in the Oxford Mail) to persuade the Oxfordshire PCT to pay toward their SRS. Although the signs are encouraging pressure needs to be kept up.

If you are a British citizen or resident and have not already signed the petition (here) I would urge you do so by the deadline of April 7.

And after you have done that scribble a complaint to Ofcom (here) about Moving Wallpaper (Tx: 20 March 2009, 21:00-21:30, ITV1). Espcially if you think the humiliation, belittlement and being prejudiced about transsexuals is deeply wrong.

If you wish to watch it do not use any torrent things as it would be very, very terrible if ITV didn't receive any ad revenue from such a prejudiced piece.

I'll leave with a commercial.


  1. LOL.

    Cue voiceover: "Coming to a school-run near you!" :-)

  2. Thanks for pointing out the Debbie Davies link, Lucy. I generally not only read these using Google Reader but I often do it on a Blackberry, so I do sometimes miss everything on the blogger page. Thanks for reminding me to actually go to the page once in a while.

    Your layout is really nice, and I just love the slide show. Especially like the views of the countryside. Reminds me of my visit there a few years ago.

  3. Need to visit the full sites often myself.

    Glad it brought back a few memories for you Calie.


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