Friday, 12 September 2008

More Of That Sort Of Thing.

I was going to write about something else, a great humorous idea, so good in fact I thought someone must have done it before. After a little googleing I found another tranny blogger with better html skills had done just that a few years ago. So instead of the intended cracking post, here's more of the sort of thing you've come to expect.

You might have realised that my griping about my inability to apply eyeliner properly is a recurring theme. I get half way and then suddenly oops, so I'm deciding to make the best of a bad job. Do I stop half way, realising its going to go wrong? Do I plough on with a half straight half wavy combination? Or shall I not bother?

I don't get the make up out when I'm home alone, I have nowhere to go and its a bit time consuming. But I really fancy a night out and I want to look vaguely presentable and yes, slightly feminine once in a while.

I do feel it is indicative of my many failings on the road to feminity.


  1. Well, to sound cliche, makeup is a skill like everything else. Being home alone is actually a great time to practice and get used to it. I still have trouble with some of that stuff too, and I've been playing with makeup for years, although if I had gotten to go out everyday I'm sure my skills would be second nature. But give it some practice and time while ya have the opportunity to not have to present yourself to the world.

  2. Though I think it's what's in your heart that counts, not what's outside, I can understand what you mean.

    Perhaps a different/better mirror or lighting would help? Usually it's the tools that make the difference at any job! Perhaps there is someone you can talk to about diffent application tools or something...?


  3. Thanks folks :)You both make some great points.

    Took some more practice time and yes I probably do need a more suitable mirror. Took a photo (which I may upload) to demonstrate.


  4. I used to be able to pluck stray eyelashes with just the mirror on the medicine cabinet and the two bulbs over, needing bifocals to see ANYTHING I have to get a flashlight and shine it sideways across them to find the offenders...

    (Sadly, I even need the bifocals to cut my toenails now...)

    Thank goodness (or not) that I only have 8 of them!


  5. > I do feel it is indicative
    > of my many failings

    Don't be so tough on yourself. No-one got there overnight! :-)

    As folk have said, a good mirror and suitable lighting can really help. There are a couple of videos on eye-liner application on Videojug and YouTube if you want technique.

    Really, though, it's about finding a routine that works for you. What works for someone, may not work for you and vice versa. Just stick with it. Hell, if you're feeling brave just go and ask as the make-up counter. :-D

  6. Hi Lucy
    Lynn is right try not to be so hard on yourself hun.
    I am lucky enough to be full time & also an artist of sorts & I still find it tricky using eyeliner.
    Less is more seems to be best for me, for a more natural look.

    Perhaps try the new Maxfactor masterpiece glide & define liquid eyeliner. They may be on special offer at the moment. You could also try resting your hand/wrist against something solid to steady your brush stroke.

    Happy painting


  7. *Hugs to all*

    Again, thanks for the great advice. It has all been taken onboard and perhaps I was a little over optimistic.


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