Thursday, 4 September 2008

Poor Mary Smith.

"Mary Smith will be moving off your business. Now that we understand your business better, we are replacing her with someone who we feel will be a better partner for you."

Above is one suggested way Carat US' dress up communicate to clients the fact that the previous person looking after their account was given the boot, in an email sent discussing staff cuts only intended for senior managers was cc'ed to the whole company.

Finally a company wide circular that's worth reading not just clogging up your inbox. Although the cuts will probably be updated soon to include the head of HR who sent the email.


  1. Ahh, corp-speak and all its glossy double meanings. I hear that due to banking improvements, we may see a necessary downturn. :-)

    Poor Mary Smith indeed.... still, fame for 2:45 eh? :)

  2. I heard a story on the radio a year or so ago about an office where they pulled the firealarm and the people they had decided to cut couldn't use their cards to swipe their way back in through the entrance...

    There are some cold hearted jerks in this world!


  3. There are many stories abound I could also add. I'm sure most people have wised up to and can see past such bs.

    Wernt some people sacked by text message? U R Sckd, I presume it went.


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