Saturday, 20 September 2008

Toy Lion Called Simba.

Originally uploaded by Lucy and some pictures

Just a post to keep the blog ticking over.

Had the cold I normally pick up at this time of year, otherwise still known as the freshers flu. Where everyone heads back to school or work and mingles their germs with everyone else's.

Have had plenty of thoughts but not the energy to build it up into a full post. Just sat back and watched the financial world go through one of its periodical madnesses.

More soon.

(The lion was called Simba by my niece.)


  1. I hadn't ever heard it called that, but I love the name!

    May your bout be over soon!

    As well as the other bout you speak of...

    Enjoyed surfing through all your photos!


  2. That is such a cute pic, I love photos like that (as if the entire slideshow of Foamy I have on my blog wasn't an indication lol.) I always have wondered how many lion dolls got named Simba due to the movie. Probably most of them if I know humans at all lol.


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