Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Cheep Pasties.

I understand that in a advertising downturn the only remaining option for newspapers is to raise the cover price but I can not be the only person who after noticing the price had gone up to 90p thought to leave it (I vaguely remember some economics classes about price elasticity and that newspaper demand is more sensitive to changes in price than a commodity like oil) and just read a book, the Metro (or other free newspaper handed my way) instead. Its perhaps as well some newspapers seem they look more obsessed with turning the pages into one long promotion of their website.

When I do get somewhere I notice another Greggs has opened, just a few yards from two other branches. I suspect at their current rate of expansion I soon wouldn't be able to walk round the corner without going past a branch. (I did look at the website where they claim they plan to continue expanding significantly) Some people could say its a good indicator in a few words, about the area I live, but could also sound a little snobbish about the popular retailer of cheap sausage rolls (rather like value sausages I dread to think what goes into them) and very salty savoury snacks.


  1. I guess it shouldn't be surprising if the quality of our fast food reflects the change in our pockets...

    I buy one newspaper a week at this point; I gather the rest of my news from the web, TV and radio.

    Here, with billboards everwhere alongside the highways (except in my wife's home state of Vermont, where they are illegal) I heard years ago you could tell the state of the economy by how many of them were vacant. There are more and more each time I go out, it seems...


  2. You know, I don't think I've ever purchased a newspaper on a regular basis. The competition from the television, and more obviously, the Internet, must be intense.

    I guess the bright side is that some of the tabloids may go out of business! :-)

  3. Lynn - Looking forward to the last edition of the Express already. Sadly the owners of the Mail and Sun have deep pockets.

    Alan - Havent seen any vacent billboards yet just a drop in the amount of credit i'm 'invited' to take out.

  4. £1.50 for my weekly Guardian. =[

    And if there's any hope for mankind, the Star and the Mail will be the first out of the door.

    Oh, and hello. :]

  5. OMG, sausages :) I currently have 30-40 lbs of turkey sausage links in my freezer at the moment. Now I'm gonna have to cook some lol. And sorry, my mind blanked out everything else at the mention of sausage (tasty, tasty, tasty, mmmm.)


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