Friday, 26 September 2008

Not Good

"Oh you work there as well cos I'm about to pick my daughter up from there".

Owning a top that makes it look like you work for a large supermarket chain. Not good. I get home and notice the resemblance. It won't be worn again.


  1. No corresponding picture? I kinda like clothes like that. It may be a bit tacky but it still sounds cute.

  2. If they would issue you the paycheck that went with it, it might be worth reconsidering...


  3. I used to have a maroon and dark blue fleece jacket that caused no end of confusion every time I went into Tescos..... :)

  4. Changed my mind, I may wear it again. Just had the thought that I could go in and give customers bad advice. :)

    If I had an outfit that made me look like I was an air stewardess then I might post a pic (watching a bit of celeb air).


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