Sunday, 31 May 2009

Dress To Impress

In the world of daytime television amongst the auction and property shows a good drama was shown.

In a series of drama's about moving on, called naturally enough Moving On

If you missed it somebodies uploaded the drama (about 40 minutes) to Youtube.

It brought back a lot of memories. So my views as the overall standard of drama may be clouded.

Potential spoiler, highlight to see. The dialogue was sometimes clunky but there were some recognisable touches to the trans scenes like the sigh of joy when he (sic) looks in the mirror and the moment when he's hiding from his dad. Also the looks at other women. Yes the reveal in front of his parents may be over the top but that's dramatic licence paving the way to leaving home. The one slight let down was the mum. From the way the mother acted I was surprised she did not already know or looked so shocked but the blokey, horny dad never in a million years.

Part 1

Part 2

Parts three, four, five, six and seven.


  1. Thnaks for posting them, Lucy.

    They won;t be up long if I know YouTube and the Beeb. The whole prog was available on the Beeb's iPod but I think it's seven days are now up.

    I tried to watch it, but to be honest it brought back too many bad memories and I had to stop....

    That doesn't mean it's not an excellent drama.

    The only thing that didn't ring quite truie was when he "fished" to find out when his mum and dad were going to be out, and for how long. My old dear would have picked up on that in a flash.

    That was such a crucial thing when it came to dresing up, that I knew, to the minute, what my folks routines were. I'd built up a detailed picture bases on observation and timing. The escapers in Colditz would have been proud of me.


  2. I watched it - after catching a link from another friend's blog - and, yeah, I enjoyed it.
    Some very good performances by all and (IMO) the writing was well observed.

    It also brought a few memories back. Ones I'd thought were long gone and not all of them were pleasant. How soon we forget eh? :)

  3. I did eventually watch the whole thing on YouTube..

    But what happened at the end?

    One minute he was off in a taxi, and at the start of clip seven the father was shaving, the mother running downstairs and the lad was at the door with flowers. Cue end titles.

    Did they miss a bit?


  4. It is being repeated on Monday (6/7/09), The Youtube uploader did cut a bit but nothing vital to the story. May re-watch and adjust my initial impressions if necessary.


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