Friday, 15 May 2009

I Dont Bite Before Midnight

I have failed to write about my recent trips out so before it falls out my mind here's a brief summary of one. Bad me, I know, really should write it while it is fresh in my mind. My hairs getting longer after five months since its last cut, I decided to chance leaving the wig and try to make something from my own hair. Straightening and brushing my fringe forward to hide the little bits that have recessed which limits my style options even more.

Despite this and the fact I was late even for me, I went out. My make up was also a terribly rushed affair unlike the previous time where I over did it. On both occasions it probably showed. One thing I try to do is apply enough without going over the tipping point of looking really caked on.

In the end I wondered why I bothered rushing, not their fault just a further indication I need to find things outside the "scene" which are more to my taste. The true adventure was meandering my way home.

Perhaps adventure is overselling it a little...

But for me my flaws real or imaginary didn't matter and my confidence was with me despite the numbers out and about. Despite having some flat shoes in my bag, I walked home in my heals. A bad decision for my feet but they'll recover in a few months :-). Reactions? None I could detect but then I only get really scary long after midnight.


  1. I don't believe I'd find you scary, ever...

    Some strategic bits of "moleskin" might help save your feet if you're going to insist on logging miles in heels, at least until they are used to each other! Here it's sold along with the shoe liners and such by Dr. Scholl; it's the only reason many of us survived boot camp and all the marching in boots that never fit right!


  2. Another case of one scene does not fit all? Oooh I am surprised ;-)

    All of us non-fans of 'the scene' should get together sometime. Or would that just make a new scene? hmmm..

  3. Make-up, it's a tricky thing to get right. That and we're our harshest critics. Maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought.

    Well, not unless you got the eyeliner and the lippy mixed up. Black lips, red eyes, that probably would be scary :)

    ps: a non-scene dinner? You're on! :D

  4. Well, Lucy, I bet you looked terrific!

    Hey, I'll join you and Lynn. Find me a cheap plane ticket!

  5. Congrats hon! Sounds like a wonderful night out :)

  6. At least you may only be scary long after midnight, I happen to be scary damn near 24/7. At least you have the option of wearing heels which I don't because (1) I'm skinny enough to hide behind a telephone pole & tall enough to peek over the top of it (2) I'm also freaking clumsy as hell and prefer not having a sprained ankle. Makeup is not that bad, you just need more practice and supposedly "less is more nonsense" actually is rather true. I spend maybe 15 minutes on mine each day before heading off to work and that is only because I'm generally half asleep and lacking coordination and have to take it slow.

    - Shinigami Liz, half-demoness & half addicted to sneakers

  7. Alan, Awwww thanks, have bought some inserts for my healed shoes.
    Justine, A non scene scene. Sounds good
    Lynn, Maybe right about being our harshest critics. Getting lippy and liner mixed up, not yet done so probably coming up :)
    Calie, Thanks. Wow. This non scene scene is taking off. Got any dates in mind? Anyone?
    Vanessa, Thank you :)
    Liz, yes practising with me a lot is essential but I do try to follow the less is more.


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