Friday, 29 May 2009

The Carousel Has Passed

Its my birthday, yay! Woot! Etc..

If you think this is just a transparent attempt to garner some happy birthday greetings then... yes it is,... this being, I hope, fairly honest blog. So while I am that shameless I would like to think I'm shamelessly integral.

But that's not the reason I opened my word processor and started typing. The days leading up have given the opportunity for introspection. The time for "Carousel" has passed (or it would be if we existed in a world where a Malthusian solution was employed) and I still haven't settled down.

I'm still single with no kids, the latter I still have no desire to have although I jokingly remark that it's because I think they will write some kind of Mommy Dearest type memoir when they grow up about their monstrous trans parent. In reality, though, I'd muddle along and may develop the large amounts of stamina and patience parents have that lessor mortals don't.

Ever the eternal optimist I'm still searching prepared to deal with the consequences of my status even if the line may go dead when they find out. Also on the plus side I get the whole bed to myself, can choose what I want to watch on tv, I'm sure there are many more pluses to being a single girl that I just don't realise now, until I'm sat with a partner who has a really disgusting habit.

It is also that the sound of the clock ticking is pounding in my mind. Life's too short yet I can be paralysed by fear, my lack of confidence and over analytical nature. It's not all the time, sometimes I can surprise myself how I step outside my narrow zone. My recent shock (see previous entry) in the end may be a blessing in disguise. Time will tell.

There are other things, but wary of straying into TLDR territory and being a bit tired this will be it...

...for now.


  1. Runnnnerrrr? :-)

    Happy birthday on the big number. Well (stops digging) not that big, but you get what I mean. I hope :-D

    I hope you got some nice pressies.... and if you ate a lot of cake, that your skirts still fit. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good one.

    And in a spooky coincidence, it's mine today :)

  3. Happy Birthday, however you forgot to mention just which numerological age line you just crossed. For the record of fairness, I just hit my 35th on May 12th, so go ahead and fess up. And if anyone happened to catch it, I did a bitchy rant blog about girls who hit the "same age" for several years in a row which totally annoys me. At best a couple people may believe it, at worst, people will think that you have aged very poorly, lol.

    - Shinigami Liz, half-demoness & half too honest for a demoness

  4. Happy Birthday, pet..!!

    You'll catch up with me yet...


  5. Hi Lucy
    Wishing you belated Best wishes that you have had a lovely birthday.

  6. Hi Lucy! Happy Birthday, girl!

    NP with TLDR. I like your writing.


  7. That I could be quite so late doesn't seem possible, but I've managed it, so if you'll pardon this pair of 10.5's in my mouth, I hope your Birthday was a Happy one!



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