Monday, 8 June 2009

Boobs, Bum, Hips or Curves

Quietly reading with the window open I could hear my neighbour say "...he wears women's clothes..." My ears were immediately pricked up, bothersomely at the exact time they moved out of earshot.

I have added to my collection of women's clothes the problem is creating the space in my increasingly filling rails but I can't resist a dress that's reduced and is slightly flattering to my lack of boobs, bum, hips or curves. No surprise, that I don't have 1, 2, or 3, obviously but as I increasingly identify toward the female end of the gender binary its not what I hope for.

That said, I don't wear any padding on the hips and bum, while giving a satisfactory silhouette it is tough enough to use the loo, popping things away and securely (you get the idea) without aligning pads. Hence despite my eye constantly being drawn to figure hugging outfits worn by curvy women I know after hard and expensive experience that I'd just look like a sack of spuds.

One style that attracts me is the andro grunge style. What attracted me was the elements of gender fluidity boys with long hair, girls with short hair, for a start. Although at that age, musically, I was more into Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys twenty years later I'm still in to Kylie Minogue and the Pet Shop Boys although I went through a pretentious 'indie kid' period in the mid to late 1990's, though I was just a teenager and thought I could write poetry (it was probably worse than a Vogon poem to be honest).


  1. I too never bothered with padding other than a little on the boobs. But that was when I was very slim.

    Now, 20+ years later, my waist needs pulling in to show off what hips I have. I've also found I needed bigger boobs to make my waist look smaller, and to match my broader shoulders and wider chest.

    What effect hormones will have on my shape, we'll just have to wait and see.

    There's not much worse than Vogon poetry, cariad...

    ...., although teenage angst poetry does come a close second. :)


  2. Never been into the fake stuff but Regarding padding...I seem to do OK with what I have. I just want the real thing...

    Ah, the Pet Shop Boys. One of my fav groups. The first Disco album with the long version of West End Girls....doesn't get much better than that.

    And those hurtful comments. Just so cruel and mean. Hang in there, girl. Don't let them get you down!

    Calie xxx

  3. Little comments from little minds...don't let them weigh on you!

    I sometimes wish I had some of the stuff I wrote in my late teens, though much of it was chemically induced (blush).

    I wish I had those brain cells back sometimes!


  4. Hmmm, I had a neighbor who used to make fun of me when I wore guy clothes because they were too loose fitting and left way too much to the imagination. I seriously heard him say to his roommate one day when I was around the corner from them about how "annoying it is that she wears guy clothes every now and then." I listen to more of the dark and difficult to understand growls of heavy metal, which matches my bright and sparkly personality perfectly. ;)

  5. Back again...still wishing I could give your neighbor a piece of my mind (not that there's any to spare)...or slip a remote controlled fart clock under her bed...



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