Thursday, 22 May 2008

"Welcome to a Womens World"

Ouch that hurt.

I have a low pain threshold, practically feinting when I get a paper cut. I had my hair styled recently which involved the hair dresser inflicting a blade pulling through my hair as it was being styled.

It's not long in a women's sense (it never will be) but a lot longer than the average male.

Relating this back to my mother she replied, "welcome to a women's world" she is, of course right (You wouldn't expect me to say anything else).

Perhaps this relates back to my previous post considering whether men have it so much easier (thanks for the thought provokeing replies by the way).

It may be hard for many to understand or empathise with the following statement which is that I feel better with longer hair (mentally not financially that is). Its something I wish I had the bravery to do years ago. Despite what I warn myself are the corrosive effects of regret I can't help thinking of those years as somehow wasted.

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