Friday, 2 May 2008

A Little Bit of Politics.

People are leaving the sinking ship, prior to the election headhunters were being tipped off that Labour's comms specialists were looking for new posts, after the election's there may be a few M.P.'s brushing up their c.v.'s as well.

Mutterings about renewal will not mean anything unless it is finally accompanied by action. Those on the left will claim that means abandoning the new Labour project, I wouldn't go that far but it will mean serious attempts to build bridges with the party's core support mightily peeved off with them.
One of my hobby horses is social housing (I'll leave income tax rates for another time). It is a fact that not everyone will own a property and will remain in rented accommodation for their whole lives, this current stock is getting run down and desperately short in many areas. This shortage breads resentment and partly contributes to the success of the BNP in certain areas.
(Jenny Harvey has added her thoughts and personal experience of hatred)

The highlight of the election coverage was watching Jeremy Vine effecting a western style accent to show the Lib Dems past performance.

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