Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Summer In The City..

A warm spell arrived and appears to have departed, a good time to jot some observations on summertime fashions.
  1. Male shorts. It has been observed before and still holds true that the closer you are to pensionable age the more likely you are to wear shorts worn by footballers from the 1980's. As a general rule unless your Chris Waddle in his pomp you are going to look awful.
  2. Few skirts. Mostly replaced by shorts.
  3. Leggings with denim shorts. In my opinion, the temperatures in the mid 20's so its warm enough, to proudly show those legs (or just go and get some longer shorts).
  4. 3/4 length trousers. One of the more popular choices.
  5. Ruffled tops. A little ruffle is fine, but it doesn't necessarily work the larger it gets. At times it looks like a strange creature trying to strangle you.
But hey, what do I know.

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