Friday, 30 May 2008

A lot can happen in ten years.

Continuing the final thought of the last post regarding where did the time go? While the time feels like it has passed quickly, a lot of stuff has happened. Consider the last ten years for example.

1998 B*Witched and Steps were storming the chats (sings C'est la Vie), Britney Spears was getting ready to do the same somewhere out west and Bill Clinton gets impeached, essentially for having oral sex from someone not his wife.

Ten years on America seems to have given up impeaching despite the incompetence (Iraq), neglect (Katrina) and spite (Valerie Plame affair) of the current administration. While Britain has taken to selecting number two's clearly not up to the top job (Steve McClaren, Gordon Brown) and developed and lost a collective obsession with Big Brother.

In pop, new boy bands have disappeared having fallen out of favour with the public,. Britney's known more for being declared an unfit mother. The Backstreet Boys have had two comebacks while muttering things like "I wish I saved my money better" presumably. Finally Claire (pictured) formally from Steps has put her feet up, had a kid, put on a bit of weight and looks healthier and more attractive to my eye.

Me and my friends of that time have also changed and drifted apart, the ones I've met are still nice people (which isn't always the case) but we're different now as a result of time and our individual experiences.

Who knows for sure where we'll be in the next decade, that's scary but more interesting and fun. There are tales about politicians who when they enter parliament have plans to join the cabinet by xxxx and be prime minister by xxxx. I have no such targets mapped out in my mind, not that I intend to let my life drift by as I probably have done at times, its just that my wanderlust, gender issues, health and other things that I can't yet imagine may take me somewhere else.

It's going to be a fun ride.

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