Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I Must Be 29% Lesbian Then

This week I let the Stockholm Pride website analyse my Twitter stream which showed I'm 71% straight. Just a bit of a fun diversion in what has, all told its been a tiring, emotional and stressful end to last week. An unhappy collision of work, my lingering gd (see whitterings past) and I guess other mental health difficulties, along with events leave me wanting to curl up and hide in a big box where I can happily sleep until September comes.

There are some people who make it worse, in short the arrogance, rudeness and stubbornness of certain people got to me when most of the time it wouldn't. When the going gets tough, the not so tough get some own label Baileys (not great for the figure I know but this was an emergency) and randomly play my favourite songs.

And to top it all I learn Starbucks are going stealth in their war to get everyone downing their brews by trialling shops branded as independent local cafes in the US. So their brand must be so devalued recently, they are resorting to trickery in their campaign for world domination. Although the anti-brand snob must be secretly delighted.

To carry on recent themes, I have had a continuing problem over my self image, the sexual organ can be hidden away and can be for most of the time forgotten about. The face is different it is the thing which, er, faces you. I can wish someday and somehow the problem reconciles itself.

The other recent thought being the gender binary and my place on it. I've thought the best way to express this is to use a scale ranging from 1 to 11. One being very female and eleven being Chuck Norris (who of course does not sleep, he waits). I guess I am somewhere in the middle hoping to claw my way down.

I will write about the experiences the week before last as there will be a beginning, middle and end although to quote the film maker Jean-Luc Godard "not necessarily in that order". Its been an aim to get back to updating the blog at least once a week and this way I have a subject. Till then...


  1. > Chuck Norris


    BTW, 29% lesbian? Is that.... a whole leg?

  2. I've played with a few of those scales and fall comfortably at midpoint on most. Usually I'm just happy not to be a Neanderthal...

    I know it's hard to ignore some of those who invade our lives; I spent 30 years avoid a few before I retired and sadly, the list seemed to grow longer instead of shorter. I'm not sure that was a reflection on them or me, but I was glad to go when I did. I pity those I left behind...

    Music and movies are a great retreat at times, as long as it's only a "strategic retreat" and not a "rout"; you are far too wonderful to give your lessers that satisfaction!

    I've always thought you far too hard on your looks...I only wish I could convince you of it!


  3. It was just a matter of time before the coffee house illuminate pulled off such a trick, sigh.

  4. Lynn - Yes, the leg and my little finger :D

    Alan - Thank you :)

    LizzyBeth - Sighs as well


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