Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Blogger Blogging About Blogging

This blog has survived past the 2nd anniversary which in blog years makes this site about 41, it goes through peaks and troughs, much like its author really. This as the title suggests is about blogs.

There is often potentially nothing as buttock clinchingly tedious as a blogger blogging about blogs along with the risk of being a little self congratulatory. I recognise this, however about once a year a article will appear proclaiming the end of blogging claiming the latest web 2.0 site is the blog killer and trotting a litany of complaints copied and pasted from last years article.

Recycling articles is commonplace in magazines from the same summer beauty tips article to the NME printing the recreate Glastonbury in your home by putting a 14 television at the end your garden covering it with rubbish and blocking your toilet, every year when I read it.

The rationale goes something like this; trendy site of the moment is rendering the form irrelevant and that people can't concentrate beyond a sentence or two an assumption common in many sections of the media. Ideas sometimes need to expanded beyond a simple statement with arguments supporting and maybe acknowledging faults and limitations. A blog is a good place where this can be done. Regarding accusations of spam, you choose to visit a site it doesn't appear on your browser unsolicited you choose to visit or subscribe or to leave a very intelligent comment.

Many will gravitate to TwitFaceTube sites but others will use them alongside blogging as there is a niche for this form of writing that will never go.


  1. I agree Lucy.
    Definitely still a place for blogging.
    And cakes.
    x x x

  2. Mmm... It's almost cake o'clock? :)

    Writing is writing regardless of the medium. The key difference here - on a blog - is that we can comment and you can comment in turn. It's no long a private email conversation, but a place to talk and exchange ideas.

    MyTubeTwitFace has its place, but I'm not sure I'd want to run a blog there. So much noise and those bloomin' apps.

  3. I love reading the TG blogs, and yours is one of them. It is therapy for me. I have made many good friends via the blogs out there. I seem to learn something from every blog post....although this one may be an exception, :).

    Calie xxx

  4. Agreed. Though I recently started twittering and found myself blogging less...
    Not sure whether that's Twitter's fault, or whether there is simply nothing going on in my life worth blogging about.

    We'll see what happens if and when interesting stuff starts happening.

  5. Nicky - Always a place for cakes :)

    Lynn - I agree, the interaction is important and there are just too many apps.

    Callie - It can be good therapy. I also like to think I'm frequently the exception to the rule :D

    Lucy - Hi btw. My post rate has gone down not sure if its Twitters fault either.


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